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A Ton Of Etón Whatsits

These things definitely do stuff. Some of them play music, it seems. And if we're not mistaken, some of them can be used to check the weather. And they're solar powered? OK, so maybe our whatchamacallit marketing skills aren't up to SkyMall standards, but at least we tell it to you straight: These are some weird disaster-preparedness gadgets. 
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Do you have a radio in your emergency kit? Do you even HAVE an emergency kit?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I need one of the one's that are $35!!!!!! HELPPPPPP!!!!


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Why would I want binoculars that have speakers where my eyes go?


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Got two of the Blackout Buddies. Pretty nice, but the light sensor for the auto night-light seems to be pretty bad. As in, the light seems to need to be pretty bright in order to have it turn off. I have it in my upstairs hallway and it never turns off, although I have two ceiling lights up there.

If anyone else got these and experiences the same, let me know!