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What is Electronics.Woot?

A discussion of hunting grounds, bailiwicks, and life preservers

We're gonna go out on a limb here and say that this whole electronics thing might not be just a fad. Tech gizmos just keep on growing and shrinking and multiplying and mutating and amazing us and sometimes disappointing us a little. The great thing about that is there are always new gadgets coming out – and always formerly-new ones available for a steal. Electronics.Woot is the short pier for your long walk into this ever-rising torrent of circuitry. We promise not to throw you a life preserver.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why have a separate site just for electronics? I thought Woot was all about electronics.
No doubt, tech will always be our first love. We've got circuitry in our DNA. Liquid silicon pumps through our veins. Some say we are more machine than man – can we ever truly feel love, pain, joy? But over the years since our founding as a gadget outlet, Woot's hunting grounds have expanded to take in deals from a wider range of product categories. We thought it was about time to put the tech deals we love back on their own pedestal. Like, a really cool cyber-pedestal that looks like a cross between R2-D2 and a Wurlitzer jukebox.
So what's the difference between the deals here and the deals on the main Woot page, or Computers.Woot?
Simply put: Woot features the best deals from across every category we carry, including electronics. Computers.Woot is all about PCs, laptops, and the like. If you got hooked on Woot back when we were mainly a discount-electronics pusher, Electronics.Woot will rekindle those memories and reawaken that addiction. Please do not use Electronics.Woot while operating heavy machinery.
None of that makes any sense to me. What is Woot?
Why didn't you say something earlier? OK, so Woot is a group of ecommerce sites that launched with in 2004 and has since expanded to specialize in various other product types. You can get to those sites through the links at the top of this page. They all feature great new deals every day within each site's particular bailiwick. (Yes, we did say that just so we could use the word "bailiwick".)
What if I have a question about purchasing, ordering, shipping, returns, etc.?
First, start with the main Woot FAQ. There you will find either the answer you seek, or instructions about what to do if you don't find the answer you seek. Happy seeking.
What?!? You consider today's product a tech item? It doesn't even have (a power cord/buttons/a screen/etc.)!
When you're in the business of providing great tech deals 365 days a year, sometimes you have to interpret "tech" a little more broadly than the typical gadget freak might. Be not rigid like the fluorescent tube, but supple like the glowstick, and you shall not shatter in the wind and get toxic glowy crap all over the place.
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