SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Optical Gaming Mouse

You can tell an insecure, immature gamer by the excess of flashy buttons and lights and God-knows-what on his mouse. What are they compensating for? The pros know what matters: exquisite feel, flawless responsiveness, solid craftsmanship. Which kind of gamer are you?
SteelSeries Kinzu official site

Ends on July 26 at 9AM CT

SteelSeries in their own words

"We won’t bore you with cheeky slogans, trying to underline our authenticity as gamers. We fully acknowledge that the best professional gamers in the world know more about what they want and what will make them better, than we do. We will continue to do our best to support the growth of the professional gaming industry and give back to the gaming communities. By doing so, we don’t just talk a good game, we win!"
SteelSeries Kinzu official site