If you don't know anything about soundbars, it's easy to get confused. But really, it's pretty simple. They're often chocolate, varying from milk to dar-- oh, oops, that's a candy bar. Sorry! Silly us! A soundbar, of course, is what you press while typing to create spa-- oh? no? That's a spacebar? Ohhhh, right. So a soundbar must be that strip of a speaker that produces audio. Yeah, there we go!

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About this Soundbar

Seriously, we just used all of that space up there to describe soundbars, and you still don't know what they are? Okay, okay, we admit that it took a few tries and by the time we finally got to the right definition, we ran out of space, but still, there's sort of a definition up above. The important part is that you don't mistake it for a candy bar like we did. That didn't go well.