Everything Old Is New Again

The gateway to the utopia that was the 1950s? The black office phone. And it's never too late to start again.

Back then, a newspaperman needed a powerful phone on his desk. If he had to call down and stop the presses, only the weight of a powerful handset and cradle would do! But today? Today a blogger has to make her deadline by texting her revisions to the editor. And doesn't that feel... well, a little unequal? Where's the power? Where's the style? Who can you intimidate with an iPhone? Face it, 21st Century journalists. You were robbed.

But don't give up. Be ye blogging man or blogging woman, the iRetroPhone with iPhone Dock literally puts the power of yesteryear IN! TO! YOUR! HAND! OR! HANDS! Just note this iRetroPhone with iPhone Dock isn't likely big enough to hold in more than one hand, unless you also hold the base.

But that's the magic of this old style design! Once you snap your iPhone into the cradle/charging station, you'll be able to pose dramatically on the side of a desk, holding the cradle and the handset AT THE SAME TIME! Try that with some "hands-free" model! Incidentally, the iRetroPhone with iPhone Dock also works "hands-free." If, you know, nobody's around that you want to impress. And it also connects via Bluetooth to other devices, like your computer or your other, lesser, non-iPhone.

With this iRetroPhone with iPhone Dock by your side you'll be unlocking the power that kept our grandparents at their desks until they solved whatever problem they were facing. No wandering in the park! No making plans on the fly! Bound by a phone that can't fit in a pocket and CANNOT BE IGNORED! That's why the so-called "Greatest Generation" didn't take no guff. If guff got in their faces, they'd hit that guff with a phone! Haven't any of you seen Mad Men? An iRetroPhone with iPhone Dock will make you STRONGER AND MORE FASHIONABLE! Oh, incidentally, we can't legally make that claim, so we have to tell you it's a lie. Probably because the law was written by some mobile-phone loving creep. One day, they'll get theirs. They'll get theirs.

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  • iPhone charging/dock via 30pin connector
  • Cordless handset using DECT technology (long range, excellent quality) to make/receive calls over your iPhone (or other Bluetooth capable device)
  • Base also connects to your existing landline to allow use of the handset to make and receive landline calls
  • Multi-point Bluetooth connects base to iPhone and other Bluetooth devices (other mobile phones or Skype/VOIP computer)
  • Handsfree speakerphone
  • Speaker allows playback of music from iPhone
  • Designed to be compatible with all iPhones (3G, 3GS, 4 & 4S)
  • Made of heavy-duty, half-inch thick urethane resin creating a stable, functional work station that routes voice communications through the included handset
  • Apple approved product (MFi / WWi)

Warranty: 90 Day iRetroPhone


In the box:

  • iRetroPhone 50541241 with iPhone Dock
  • AC Adapter
  • Phone Cord

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