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Bluetooth Devices

You've got a sweet tooth? Well we've got Bluetooth. You can have both if you want. Seriously! It's true! Have your cake and eat it too ... while listening to music on your wireless Bluetooth music receiver.


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Can I plug this into my 5.1 receiver and play iTunes from my phone on it?


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I had the wireless music receiver in my cart and then checked amazon. good thing i checked. $3 dollars cheaper and prime shipping. saved $8.


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So hard to pick one, but if you've been on Woot! for more than 2 months, you already know and love the most useless USB device!

As if the dinging, trumpeting, popping and chirping for each message, email, tweet, FB post, Instagram etc. just isn't enough, and you need those unsightly open USB ports filled, I submit:

The red plastic light-up mailbox that...well, you already can figure out what it does with the description.

There is never a bad time to not want to need something. Except now.


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if i suck at singing will this be a good starter PA? I want to sound semi distorted so people don't laugh at me as much.


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k9alliance wrote:Can I plug this into my 5.1 receiver and play iTunes from my phone on it?

Yes you can. I use it on my receiver in the garage. BUT, it' cheaper shipped at Amazon as noted below. It does work very well and has great battery life. I'm happy with it.

Edit: this is referring to the receiver with the 3.5 plug.