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Bluetooth Devices

You've got a sweet tooth? Well we've got Bluetooth. You can have both if you want. Seriously! It's true! Have your cake and eat it too ... while listening to music on your wireless Bluetooth music receiver.


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Xtreme Cables 51901 is cheaper at the mother ship, and cheaper still from a 3rd party.


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I've had the Blubridge Minijack RX (that's the receiver) for several years now. It works very well, battery stays charged. I use it in my car, which has BT but only pairs with one device at a time and I want to keep the phone paired with the car for calls. By using this plugged into the aux input, I can run Pandora through the speaker system (or any music I have on the phone) and still maintain my car/phone connection. I've also used it with various speakers with input jacks and it has worked every time with good quality sound.


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I would avoid anything from QFX. They don't have good support.

Items like those sold through Woot are not supported if they are older than the model QFX is making now.


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hancox wrote:Xtreme Cables 51901 is cheaper at the mother ship, and cheaper still from a 3rd party.

Yeah, dont buy anything from Woot without checking the price on Amazon first. Turns out Woot may even sell it cheaper a few weeks later with no price match if you bought it earlier.
That sucks.


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4/5 star avg review with 627 responders at the mothra ship for the Miccus BBMR-02 receivcer:http://www.amazon.com/Miccus-Mini-jack-RX-Bluetooth-Receiver/product-reviews/B0038MA11U/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

I might get this for my wife, she loves Pandora.



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Xtreme Cables 51901 Bluetooth Wireless Music Reciever

I before E except after C

enough of this...

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