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Plenty of Headphones

Headphones mean a) you can listen to Mandy Moore while telling everyone it's the new Daft Punk. b) you can crank up the volume and ignore your family when they start saying stupid things. c) you can finally listen to Game Of Thrones audiobooks in church. d) all of the above!


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get back to me when you get some sennhiesers.


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Beats headphones are without a doubt the most overrated headphones ever created, but if you still want them: $161.96 with free shipping elsewhere, like here: Crutchfield


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Marley EM-JE013
bought that model for my son and was really surprised how well they sounded. The bass was pretty good. I would recommend these, especially for the price.


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Can these headphones be used to plug into portable DVD players so my boys can watch seperate movies andwe don't have to hear 2 movies going in the car at the same time?