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Onkyo Music Systems

Do you prefer audio quality to be fuzzy and hardly audible, or would you rather it be crisp and clear? Fuzzy? Really? Hm, we weren't expecting that. We were going to say that if you like listening to crisp, clear audio, these Onkyo music systems are the way to go, but since you like music that's hardly audible, we're kinda at a loss here.
Onkyo official site


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I bought the SBX-300 last week here on woot and I'm very satisfied with it. At $40, you can't beat it. Yes, Apple has discontinued the 30pin connector, but I was recently given a 1st gen 64gig iPad and it works great. It's like having a jukebox in my house! The sound quality is pretty good--not as good as my Logitech s715i, but well worth the price. Thinking about buying another one for my wife's classroom.


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Its for sale on Amazon for $104.


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I'm waiting for the ABX-N300 to go down to 89 or 99 before I buy a second one. I bought one a handful of months ago that I use in my bedroom every single day and sometimes all night long. It's great, but I can't quite rationalize buying a second for a different room until/unless the price drops more.