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Mobi Rechargeable Pocket Speakers

Moby's been around for awhile, so chances are you've heard one of his songs, but have you heard one of his songs blasting from Cartman's body? If not, what are you waiting for? Buy some portable speaker figures! ASAP!
Mobi official site


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I bought these last time for a dollar more. They are fun gifts for teenagers. I gave them to my student volunteer helpers not really knowing what reaction I would get, but they were thrilled with them. I am thinking of getting a few more since they liked them so much.


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I bought one of these elsewhere, (the Skully design) and it lasted about a week before it broke.


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Love mine...debating get more for those "last minute gift" situations!


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How good is the audio quality? I'm currently streaming Pandora through my Nook, and e-readers aren't exactly known for their speakers. So how good do these sound?


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Bought several of the soccer ball guy Mobi speakers a few years ago from Woot($2.99 EA) and I think for it's size and cost it has very good sound,far better than most older laptop speakers.


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the1pony wrote:I bought one of these elsewhere, (the Skully design) and it lasted about a week before it broke.

Same here. For the three days it worked, the sound quality was sub-par at best, then it started cutting in and out every few seconds. Back to the store it went.


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I want to get this because I love Butters, but then again everyone does.