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Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

The only thing that would make these Turtle Beach headsets better would be if you could use them to play a real video game called "Turtle Beach." We can imagine it now: an RPS game in which you must navigate your newly-hatched turtles to the ocean before they are snapped up by seagulls. IT'S GOLD. 
Turtle Beach official site


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name brand over performance. not a fan.


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Got a refurbished pair a year ago and I've regretted it ever since. The crackling and popping and the overall quality of the Turtle Beach line is such a let down. Never buying one again, and I never let my friends buy them either.


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Bought the DX11's from Woot last year for my husband, he LOVES them. I'm pretty sure I paid way more than they have them for today though. I'm in for another set, as backup for the ones he has now. The cord on them is loooooooong and he sometimes rolls over it with his chair.


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bought a pair of these a while ago while the sound quality was okay, I cannot say the same about the way it was built. First one I bought with a warranty and within a short time it broke right above the speaker so I took it in to replace thinking it was a just bad luck. The replacement same thing. Right above the speaker, one cracked and the other side completely broke off. To have both headsets break in less than 5 months is pretty bad.


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Not much of a deal when a new set is available for 7.27 more.


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jsaravia671 wrote:bought a pair of these ...

Which one?


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NiteCourt wrote:Not much of a deal when a new set is available for 7.27 more.

Which one? Link please!


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I started with the 31s, bought the 41s, and now have the Astro Gaming A50 which I will have forever until an upgrade is available, passed the other headsets down to girflfriend and brother. One thing though, I have the 31s for about 3 years and still work great with TONS of time on them, and the 41s also. 41s were a refurb from woot November 2011 so those are almost 2 years old going strong with no problems.

This may be completely off since I'm going from memory but these cant be near any sort of transmitter such as a wireless router, bluetooth device, sensor of any sorts, because they work off the same frequency (I believe) and thats what causes static, Pops, crackles in the headset, I had to move a few things around to resolve this once before.


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I won't even tell you my opinion of Turtle Beach headsets, I'll simply tell you that of the 4 headsets I've owned of this brand they have ALL broken, from low end $25 to "high end" $150. They don't physically break into pieces, but either one speaker stops working or the sound is ruined in some way. The quality control just isn't there. I love w00t, but I advise steering clear of this brand, they're not what they used to be.


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I was skeptical at first. After I purchased the The XP500, for my XBOX set, I will never go back to my old ways of gaming with the TV sound on. These headphones make it goes to being there without being there of course. No kidding, in Call of Duty games you can hear footsteps that you never heard before and they are directional. By the way, it is nice that when I get a phone call the blue tooth kicks in and I do not have to stop the game action.


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NiteCourt wrote:Not much of a deal when a new set is available for 7.27 more.

. XP500 sells for $350 and woot has it for $115. THAT's a hot deal!


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Just got my XP500 and the bluetooth volume switch is broken, so I can't turn my chat up to hear my friends... great... now I get to start the refurb dance with Turtle Beach... and pay to ship the broken thing back...