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Mobi Rechargeable Pocket Speakers

Moby's been around for awhile, so chances are you've heard one of his songs, but have you heard one of his songs blasting from Cartman's body? If not, what are you waiting for? Buy some portable speaker figures! ASAP!
Mobi official site


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This looked interesting, but the reviews on Amazon were not confidence inspiring. Seems that the device determines whether it should be off or on by how much signal it's getting from your device. So if you try to play quietly, or have quiet music, it may just cut out.
No actual on/off switch, or "off on unplug" means no dice for this wooter.


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That's sad. The Cartman one's kind of cute.


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$9 for a 3d Butters? Sold.


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I got 2 of these in a previous deal (little Soccer guy) and I love it! One works great and the other never did, so you get what you pay for, but the working one has decent sound and is very easy to charge


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nyegnav wrote:$9 for a 3d Butters? Sold.

I got two Butters a previous go-round. One worked, one didn't. The working one goes maybe 2 hrs max at full charge. The volume is okay if in close range. These are small, and the music that comes out is pretty comparable unfortunately. I wouldn't buy them again, even though Mobi customer service was VERY helpful regarding the non-functioning one.


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I ordered a Butters one last time. The quality was equivalent to my phone's speaker and it was just as loud. I wouldn't buy again.