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Leftover Laptops

We didn't want to just throw these laptops out. We were sure we'd have them for dinner a few nights later, or maybe take them to work for lunch. But at this point they're just taking up space in our fridge and monopolizing valuable Tupperware, so if you could take them off our hands, we'd appreciate it.


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Please, discuss.


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At this price it couldn't even come with it's own AC adapter to charge it? Even if I was just using it for a laptop. I'd probably have the laptop plugged in at the same time I want to charge it, Fail IMO

EDIT: I'm referring to the Lenmar Power Pack.


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Hey Woot!,

You've been shilling these laptops in various places at these same prices for a LONG time now. If they're REALLY leftovers, and you REALLY want to sell them, you may REALLY want to think about repricing them. In a downward direction.

Just sayin'.


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If only that Sony weren't pink... ugh!


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Waiting for the "but look how much cheaper the 17" HP is than the 17" MacBook!!!!111!" comments…


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jkgm wrote:Waiting for the "but look how much cheaper the 17" HP is than the 17" MacBook!!!!111!" comments…

I know which I'd buy. Not sure I'd spend the $1,300 that I saved, though.


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The external battery charger looks to be cheaper on Amazon:



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I just bought one of the Sony Vaio laptops and I absolutely hate it. It's slow and the screen is crap.


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Lenovo ThinkPad L520 Laptop, 15.6" LED HD Backlit, Intel Core i5-2520M Dual-Core 2.5GHz, 4GB DDR3, 320GB Hard Drive, 802.11n, Win 7 Pro

Nearly pulled the trigger on this one: LOVE the keyboard style (for us classically-trained typists) and that it's Win7 rather than 8.
Disappointed in:
1. No blu-ray
2. Small hard drive
3. Limited ram expansion
4. USB 2.0 ports rather than 3.0.
5. Dual core rather than quad.

My laptop screen has gone all wonky in the past couple of weeks. Offer me something I've described above (including an HDMI port), near this price point, and you'll have a definite sale. I'll be all over it....maybe even 3.

Or....for this unit, which is already obsolete technology-wise, the price would have to come down a LOT to make this worthwhile. But could still make a good gift for parents or young kids.


May the Crap be with you all!!!