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Surge Protectors

Turn off your splurge protector, because we’ve got great deals on all of these surge protectors! 3-Outlets! 4-Outlets! 6-Outlets! 8-Outlets! WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?


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Socket Sense® SS1650W-06 6-Outlet Expandable Surge Protector

Socket Sense® SS1650W-12 6-Outlet Adjustable Surge Protector

Someone finally was thinking. I just wish everyone else would think out of the box like this. I do have a few power converters that I know will not allow me to use all 6 outlets, but they have been around for quite a while and should be retired(on my list of things to do).

I haven't really found a bad review except for people who have some older larger style adapters that wouldn't allow all 6 sockets to be used(some were returning them because of this). I'd bet that if this would expand to fit them, then they would have complained that it was to long or something else. You can't make everyone happy. I would assume that most if not all current day adapters should fit just fine.

The 12 footers here are less then the 6 footers I found on any other site.

Buying the max of each and giving the one's I don't personally use as gifts.

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hmm..seriously thinking of springing on this. Just lost 2 phones, a tv and a wireless router due to a lightning strike that hit the pole across the street and traveled down the phone/cable lines right into our house. I just bought a new tv (from woot!) and don't care to have it blown like the last one.


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Surge protectors DO NOT protect against lightening strikes.


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Bought some of these from here almost 6 months ago and they work great for the type of protection they give. Really liking the power saving feature.


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Put name brand (not the $3.99 hardware store cheapos) surge protectors on All your electronics. They will live longer and be much happier!

We used to burn out countertop Microwave ovens yearly until we plugged it into a surge protector - now 6 years running fine...


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How does the price of the adjustable 6ft surge compare to actual in store? Actually available other than online? Not in the money right now, but wondering if I should get the 2-3 I need right now. (Or get them later for a couple bucks more is all local.)


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Buy the ones with "energy saver" outlets controlled by a master outlet. They work great for all sorts of installations like computer systems and home theaters where you would like to disconnect power to your peripherals when you turn off the main device. Considering how much your equipment costs, these are very cheap insurance.


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Heh, I went in for 4 different surge protectors....

At first I saw the adjustable one, and thought would work better than the one that keeps gaining chargers as I get more gadgets, where I can only have 3 out of 4 plugged into the 6 outlet strip.

Then I thought the one with 12' cord would be useful for travel...since outlets are hard to come by in hotel rooms...though my current travel strip has a 15' cord. But, also grabbed up the 3 outlet + 2 USB one, since I never seem to bring enough USB charging outlets when I travel.

And, finally one of the Smart strips, because I've been wanting to try one for a while...where accessory needs to be turned on/off separately and I'm often forgetting....

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I wish there were some power squids here.


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yenat wrote:I wish there were some power squids here.

I still use my PowerSquids. Maybe I'll push for that.

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.