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JLab Earbuds

It is a known fact that every pair of earbuds will one day go through the wash. You may have a great set now, but its days are numbered. Stock up today to prepare for the inevitable.
JLab official site


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JLab J6M is $3 more at Amazon everyday. Add in Woot's $5 shipping, you you'd be better off buying from Amazon if you have Prime.


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Given how hard I am on earbuds at work lately (stupid manual labor), this is perfect timing.


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I accidentally put a pair of the J6M's through my washing machine. I threw them in some rice afterwards and they still work.


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Did not have good luck with these the last time around, picked up a pair and within a month they developed a short in the left ear bud.

Also, note that the mic does not have volume control.


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I owned two pairs of these....left ear went out within a week of light use in both pairs. They have good customer service, but not worth the hassle on cheap earbuds.


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Is the JLab warranty actually from JLab, or does Woot merely refund your purchase?


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I bought a pair of these from amazon a few months ago, they worked great for about 2 days then started sounding really crappy, save your money for something better.


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+1 on the dead left ear. less than a month of use, maybe 10 uses. not completely dead, but if you don't hold the cord in just the right way it cuts out. might as well be dead.