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JLab Bombora Headphones

"If music be the food of love, play on;"
-William Shakespeare
"But if music be the food of something worse, like venereal disease, cut it out."
‚Äč-William Shakespeare, a little later
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does anyone know if these are any good? my girlfriend wants some over the ear headphones for her birthday and I was thinking this might be a good deal to get her some pink headphones. She would be wearing them at the gym. Are they too bulky? How is sound quality?


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I have a call into the company but does anyone know if these are latex free? It sounds like it. I have one of those I'll die reactions to latex.


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For the price, these are actually a very decent headphone. Don't expect Sennheiser/Grado/Audio-Technica sound quality, but for casual use with compressed audio formats (i.e. MP3 128/192/256/348/512kbs, AAC, Apple "Lossless" Compressed Audio aka what you get from the iTunes store, etc), they're better than budget headphones that you'd pick up off the shelf at Wal-Mart.

They are also decent for gaming, as most people don't have a sound card thus using onboard audio which is the "bottleneck" in the audio output anyway (aka Realtek ALC888, 892, or the newest 898 codec's*).

Excellent for use with laptops as they generally don't have the hardware for truly high-quality sound (FLAC and above) output, and most people don't really know/care enough about audio to get a USB DAC + Amp for their headphones for use with a laptop anyway, as for the majority of people, iTunes "quality" (*cough*or lack thereof*cough*) more than meets their needs.

These are driven very easily by low-power mobile devices, such as your Android phone (if you know anything about phones) or iPhone (if you don't), MP3 players, etc, without increasing the battery drain by any significant amount.

Used with a properly calibrated output and equalizer (i.e. WAV uncompressed audio files [about 40-90MB/song!] + Creative Titanium HD, and O2 DAC/AMP for USB; hardware and software equalizers set completely flat), I find that these have a surprisingly decent low end, with bass roll-off beginning around 60hz and dropping sharply at around 40hz. Mids are excellent, as 40mm drivers are ideal for the 1kHz to 8kHz range, so vocalists, guitars, and the like have a surprisingly strong presence and good sound stage. Highs are decent to good, with noticeable sibilance when used with lower-quality compressed audio sources (anything equal to or less than 256Kbps MP3's @ less than/equal to 24bit/48khz) but which isn't present in high quality recordings (>384kbps @ 48bit/192khz).
For use in gaming, I found them to have average performance, but superior to every single "surround" headset I've ever reviewed (MORE THAN ONE DRIVER PER EAR IS A BAD THING!). Sound quality was on par with, or better than, gaming headsets costing ~$150, with only the Sennheiser PC-350/PC-360 series performing better overall. These work best in FPS and other action games, as the bass from explosions is felt very well due to the closed-back over-ear design, though I prefer my Grado's/AT's (again, big price difference).
The sound stage is better than gaming headsets, with a noticeable sense of directionality with audio. In online games of BF3, CS:GO, and a few others, it was easy to hear footsteps and all the plethora of sounds happening at once were fairly easily distinguishable. Perhaps more importantly, voice chat worked exceedingly well with these (paired with either one of my professional recording microphones or a budget one costing 0.3% as much).. Voices were clear, distinct, and these are good enough that the audio quality of other player voices will come down to their microphones, not your headphones.

Overall, I'd give these two different scores...

At their original price, I'd rate them a 6.5/10.
However, at their Woot! Price, I'm rating them a solid 8.5/10.

You can absolutely do better, but it's much easier to FAR worse!

*only the 898 is even anywhere near approaching "decent", but cannot compare at all to good discrete audio like the Asus Xonar DGX, D2X, and STX, the Creative Sound Blaster Z, ZxR, X-Fi Titanium, and X-Fi Titanium HD, or the HT|Omega Striker, Claro/XT, Halo, Halo Claro, and if you want the absolute best, beyond the Titanium HD Halo Claro XT + Daughterboard


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Hi there, I'm the buyer for these. I just confirmed with J Lab that these and all of their products are latex free.

firecatcher wrote:I have a call into the company but does anyone know if these are latex free? It sounds like it. I have one of those I'll die reactions to latex.


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jf12volt wrote:Hi there, I'm the buyer for these. I just confirmed with J Lab that these and all of their products are latex free.

Thank you!!!!


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just want to let people who are interested in buying these know, i bought these headphones about a month ago, when they first went on sale, and the seam on one of the cuffs are already coming apart. aside from this problem, they are decent headphones for the price.


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These pair of headphones have a lot of padding on the headband, somewhat too much, making it uncomfortable for some people, depends on the shape of your head. The durability of these headphones is ok, but not great. You just have to be careful with them. At last, the sound quality on these aren't all that good, but for $40, they are acceptable. I own it for the design(I really like the design
). So if you want great sound quality, don't get these.


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Bought these last time around. Tons of padding to keep your head comfy... unless you have (chunky plastic) glasses! The padding kind of makes the arms of the glasses dig into my head. I still like them, but I can't really wear them for hours on end like I planned. Great for lounging at home when I can go glasses-free.

Another note, WAY better for music than spoken word.


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For $40 +/- you can get a set of Skullcandy Skullcrushers on Amazon. Absolutely hands down the best pair of over the ear headphones for less than $250.