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Incipio iPhone & iPad Accessories

We're not saying anyone's wrong here, but watch Wizard of Oz again and tell us that they're not chanting "Oh-ee-oh, Incipio." Clearly, they want Dorothy and her friends to buy iPhone cases. They aren't trying to scare her. They're just trying to warn her that with a broken phone it'll be even more difficult to get back to Kansas.
Incipio official site



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I just wish there were better pictures to see how much of the front these cases protect. Several look like they are just simple snap on cases, which scare someone like me who probably drops their phone once a day and has visions of it popping out of a simple snap on case.


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I love this case! I have it in pink and store two credit cards and my ID in it. People always ask me where I got it. Best case I've ever owned. It can't pop out. The back bottom folds back so you slide the phone in from the bottom and then on the back you can 'stash' your stuff. 3 cards is the max and its a little tight. I have a screen protector on the back to prevent cards from scratching phone, probably makes a little tighter. Check em out http://www.incipio.com/cases/iphone-cases/iphone-5-cases/iphone-5-stashback-credit-card-hard-shell-case.html


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Incipio cases are AWESOME.
I've been using them for 3 revs on my iphones and they really protect.
Very highly recommended.


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10.99 at amazon IPAD-280:


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Looking for a cover for my IP5 , just don't know which one to pick .
Suggestions from previous users are greatly appreciate .