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Mcklein USA Laptop Cases

Detectives aren't the only people who get to say case closed! Now, you can too! All you need is one of these sweet Mcklein USA laptop cases. Also, kind of an annoying and overly narrational personality!
McKlein official site


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Mcklein wheeled laptop bag 17"

Kmart offers free shipping with a price of $87.09

Woot offers for $85 +$5 S&H = $90


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First post, actually... wow!

I realized recently that brown leather messenger bags can work with any level of dress, up to a suit or down to my college-student ragged jeans and a T-shirt. In for one -

"McKleinUSA Halsted Flapover Double Compartment Laptop Case 80334C - Brown"


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So I bought the McKleinUSA 83544 Lexington Genuine Leather Flapover Double Compartment 17" Briefcase - Brown on woot a couple weeks ago. It looks really nice and is functional.
I use it for my 15" Retina Mac. The laptop compartment is pretty big and fits my mac inside a sleeve, granted the retina is a super thin laptop. I use the other compartment for holding my tech accessories. The pda dept fits an external 2.5" portable HDD, my charger. The cellphone pocket fits my mini display-port to vga adapter and my magsafe2 adapter. In the same compartment, there is another larger pocket across from these, that you cant see in the picture, that I use for holding my charger.
The middle zippered compartment is nice, and I use it for carrying a couple papers around, but its not very big. Lastly the inside of mine is a light khaki color with a pattern on it. IT's not black like the picture they have up.
Overall it's a really nice bag, and I've gotten many compliments on it. If you're still using a backpack for carrying your laptop around, pull the trigger on this one.