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JLab Earbuds

What happens when you get a hole in your boat? You fix it! And how do you fix it? By plugging it up. So, why should ears be any different? They're holes and they need to be plugged up! WITH SOUND!
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YES - especially when snowboarding. You don't want to pull out your ipod/iphone every time you need to change the volume or the song.


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Dang. I bought a pair of the aluminum ones shown here for $13...like 4 years ago (for 3 times the price) when they were new? The bass isn't as intense as Skull Candy and some others, but the sound is clear and nice. These are the only no-tangle earbuds I've had that truly don't tangle.

In other words, this is a STEAL. If mine weren't still going like new, I'd be in for more.