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The Lost Cord(less Phone Systems)

Cordless phones? Now I've heard it all! Where does it plug in?! The phone uses some sort of SIGNAL??!?!?! C'mon! Who invented this thing? A wizard?! A warlock?!?! Amazing! Next you're going to tell me they've got a phone that you can take anywhere with you! WHAT?!?!?!??!!?!


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You mean the land line I have been paying my cable company for the past three years is a real thing?! Finally, I have something to put down under "Home Phone:" on all of life's various forms


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i have never lost home phone. service even in hurricaines or nor"easters. not so with cell. that says nothing of data plans fees rediculous crap cell phones come with. be sure your land line is a real one though not voiceover computer co. crap. or in emergency power outage no phone and it happens a lot. now if we could teach our kids to do math with a pencil think of all the batteries we wouldn't be covering the earth in.


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If you have a Google Voice number (you can get one for free), you can combine one of these phones with an Obihai device to get free calls within the US/Canada. It's a much better alternative to getting service through your cable company.