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Heeeeeeere's Carson Optical!

When the state quarters were first released, we were all aboard that train. We collected them. We bought the collector books and maps. We couldn't get enough. And then when all was said and done, we realized we could hardly see what we'd been collecting. Enter: magnifying glasses. Now we can all appreciate the elegant metalwork craftsmanship like it was supposed to be appreciated.


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Are these magnifiers good. Any satisfied customers out there.

Nothing is free but if you are lucky it can be inexpensive.


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Not a big discount on the 5X 7X 9X or 11X magnifiers only about $2 off Amazon prices.

Nothing is free but if you are lucky it can be inexpensive.


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Tripod is only one dollar more @ Cramazon.
These are great tripods for the gopro!
I will buy from Amazon with Prime and get it in a day for one dollar more though.


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The magnifiers are crap quality and they are very small. Be sure to check the measurements before you buy. I wouldn't recommend this product. They are made of cheap plastic.


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Got the ZOrb USB scope. Love it. Easy to use on the PC or laptop. Would be a great thing to encourage kids to take an interest in science. Fun to look at seeds, insects, cloth fibers, etc.


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the zorb microscope isn't windows 7 compatible. oh well.

to the woot staff member that screwed up the back2skool code so I could get a lot of nice things for free - thank you.


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luke975 wrote:the zorb microscope isn't windows 7 compatible. oh well.

Please keep this quiet, as I don't want my Win7 laptop to know.

You see I bought the Zorb from Woot a few months ago, quietly installed it on my Asus Win7 laptop and it works fine.



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Oh geez, the magnifiers are a total ripoff.. I bought the 11x for $29.

First, no batteries included.

Second, they use aspherical lenses.. cheap ones. There's mega distortion all along the edge.. it's like looking through one of those cheap magnifiers from a 1950's B/W horror movie, even worse.

I could probably get the same or better quality from one of those Hong Kong direct distributors for less than a third of the price.

Also the thick construction makes holding this still to look at something a challenge.

In short. just.. bleah. If this comes back don't even bother, IMHO.