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JLab Earbuds

You're fleeing some hounds, when all of a sudden you're confronted with a high stone wall. You reach into your pocket, rip out your factory-issued earbuds, and grappling-hook yourself to safety. Phew! But now you need some new ones. And while you're at it, might as well pick some up for the kiddos if they find themselves in similar straits. 
JLab Audio official site


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Tried the J4's and the J6's. Ended up shocking the insides of my ears when I moved about. So, I sent them back in fear of self administered electroshock therapy. I'm perfectly fine with the amount of crazy in my head.


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just ordered 2 of the wood metal deals. since iphone earbuds run 30 bucks now i figure this has to be at least slightly better than those and still less money.


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I bought these last time they were here, the J3's. I've been quite happy. I had to glue them back in at one point, but nothing a little solder (wire popped off as I played with it) and shoe-glue couldn't fix!


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I bought some a few months ago, and they appear to be fine to my old, wrecked ears. But I don't see on them which is supposed to be for which ear. Is that feature missing, or are my eyes wrecked as well?


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Amazon Reviews place just over a third of reviews at 5 stars.

Good enough for me.

In for one J5M.

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These are good for walking around the house and slow stuff. But, if you plan on working out/running I would steer clear.


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I wonder if the controls would work on android, does anybody know? thx


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On Amazon many people have reported that if you register the buds with JLAB when you get them, or even right when you have a problem, that if one of the ears goes out during the 1 year warranty then they will send you a new pair (their customer service is apparently amazing).

Does anyone know if that hold true if we buy a pair here? I saw that these also have a 1 year warranty so I would think so but just want to double check.


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Doesn't look like any of these models have volume controls.. Bummer. I would be in if they had them.