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Accessories for Portable Devices? Whoa

It started with pets. They would keep pests away from our caves in exchange for our food scraps. Now we're styling their fur and picking up their droppings. With every stylish protective phone cover and charging dock we buy, we're bringing the day closer when the devicers become the deviced...


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I picked up the TDK 2-Speaker Boombox from woot a while back and it's an awesome box. Only ding I could give it, is that it doesn't have bluetooth, and TDK does make a BT model. Of course I fixed that with the BT adapter woot sold me


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The Galaxy Tab leather cover is ncie for Nexus 7

I have 2 other covers, but I prefer to use this one


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I picked up the Davis case in black about 6 weeks ago (whenever) and it is very nice. Quite pleased with it! Fits my 15" Dell laptop.