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Poll: My internet service provider is:
  • 48.5% - Terrible! (I’ll elaborate in the comments.) 695
  • 51.5% - Amazing! (I’ll elaborate in the comments.) 739
1434 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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My husband works for our IPS, so I have to say it's amazing. Well,it never goes down.


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Time Warner. I'm lucky if I can stream a 480P You Tube video.


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jnelson203 wrote:My husband works for our IPS, so I have to say it's amazing. Well,it never goes down.

You talking about your internet or your husband? BA-ZINGA!


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The only option in my neighborhood. Meh.


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I got Brighthouse. Not too bright, way too expensive, but steady enough & usually quite fast. I have complains about the TV service, but the internet access has been quite good (knock on wood!).


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I've never gotten a notice about too many GBs downloaded or uploaded so I'd have to say that qualifies for Amazing!


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My ISP is neither great nor amazing. I get good uptime, reasonable customer service, generally good pings and bandwith....but it's tied to my cable TV and THAT service gives bad bang for the buck.


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Verizon FiOS: I can't believe I'm going to say this about Verizon, but FiOS rocks!

In the 3 years, I've had 99.998% up time! (Yes, I measure it myself.)

I pay for 35MB/s down & up. I consistently get 45MB/s down and 37MB/s up. I'm regularly maxing out both up and down bandwidth and can still use my free google voice voip (Obihai 220) BC of priority package management.

As an added bonus, their TV service is 1000 times better than TWC. It's not true 1080p, but they use minimal, if any compression, as compared to TWC, so the picture is crystal clear and the channel assortment is unmatched.

I'm lucky to live in NYC and have 3 primary sources for ISP/cable to choose from. I recommend anyone who has FiOS as an option, go for it. I've dealt with Cablevision, DirectTV, TWC, & RCN in the past. FiOS is so far superior to them all, even, dare I say it, when it comes to customer service. Now Verizon wireless is another issue. They suck monkey crap when it comes to pricing and customer service. I don't even bother to own a cell phone anymore. People can leave me a message when I'm not home. I'm usually able to get my email anyway and get transcripts of all messages.

Note: I do not work for Verizon or any of it's affiliates. I get nothing from them other than the services I pay for.

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I live in a rural area, a bit over 30 minutes outside south Dallas. No major broadband carrier offers service right where I live with the exception of two satellite providers. Each has measured service with a very low cap. That means no Netflix movies, no Hulu, and few other downloads unless you have very deep pockets and enjoy throwing money out the window. You cannot even get good mobile service where I live. No 4G and 3G is iffy. I'm lucky to be able to make phone calls. DSL and other cabled services are at least two miles away, and no plans soon to extend.

I moved here from Austin, a place with cheap high speed service all over. I felt like I had been transported to the dark ages (at least as far as internet service goes) after moving here. Even watching videos on You Tube was out of the question. Dial-up and paying for a land line would have been over $60 per month, with the cheapest possible service choices.

Luckily, the neighbor behind me told me about a local provider with wireless towers and unlimited service. I'd read very bad things about wireless service companies in the Dallas area, but decided to give them a call based on my neighbor's experience. They'd had fantastic service for over two years with free upgrades they had not expected.

Wow! I'm glad I signed up. It's been about 4 months now. For just over $60/month, I'm getting dependable fast UNLIMITED service! It now appears Earthlink used to throttle my video streaming on my high speed connection in Austin. My service here is faster, better. I haven't pinged to check my speed here lately, but let's just say I've had no streaming issues, almost no downtime, friendly quick service when I do rarely need help, and am quite pleased.

I live in a shallow valley, and can just reach their signal. My in-laws (who lived here for over 10 years before me, a mile away) have obstructions that cannot be removed or they are a few feet too low to receive service. They pay over $70 per month for very low cap, using the satellite internet carrier linked to Dish Network.

The company I get this wireless service from is small, but large enough. They seem professional, business-like and customer oriented as far as my experience goes. Assuming you live in my area, you may want to have them come out and survey your property to see if you can receive service from existing towers. I have had somewhat had the impression that do not need to take you as a customer, but may choose to do so.

My provider is ECTISP. Ellis County Texas Internet Service Provider.


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AT&T U-Verse. Great product, even if there's a problem, you can always find someone to help.


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Where is the MEH option?

I have Optimum online and while it is clean and fast they keep calling me and mailing me stuff to get me to add cable TV and Telephone.


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Comcast. I know they're universally hated but for me they've been rock solid.


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I have to say FIOS is the best I've ever had. And I've gone through a bunch over the years. My parents have U-verse and it is ok, but seems to die about once a week.


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Not that TimeWarner is all that terrible, but it could be better. I patiently wait for Google to finish beta testing and roll-out my 1gb line.


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Time Warner keeps us happy enough, I guess. The price inches up and every year or so we call and complain and get it lowered again. The only issue we've had was when my son-in-law lived with us briefly and he gamed online ALL the time. That might have been my old router, though.


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I have Frontier. It's not that the service itself is bad, but the Wi-Fi on their modem kept randomly failing until I finally got a standalone router.


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Insight Communications is terrible. I get some much buffering on YouTube videos it is unbearable (and I have the fastest they offer..in my area). The advertise up to 50MB down but when you call to order it they never have iit in your area. Such a frustrating mess.


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I have an unlimited data plan on my cell phone (Verizon), so I get my Internet access using my phone as a 4G wifi hotspot. It's just a little slower than the broadband Internet service I had before I moved out here. I live within the city limits of Austin, Texas, but the area I live in only has really slow DSL service (768 Kbps). So if I didn't have my unlimited wifi hotspot, I'd have a much harder time using the Internet.


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Time Warner Cable. It sucks. My cell phone is more reliable.


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TimeWarner....'Nuff said. But in case it is not, When you pay for 50m you get 30m at best. Seems that way through all the price/speed tears. Good thin...(if you have to find a silver lining) Call them and Rainbow Dash and get money off your bill. Happens every month.


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TWC in NY City (Queens). Service is fine, fast enough and up (barring tornadoes and hurricanies, which are fairly rare). Only complaint is the cost, which I feel is too expensive.

I would switch to FIOS, which is available less than 200 FEET away, but I cannot, because a building owner down the block refused to let Verizon run cable (fiber) on his building, unless they gave him free FIOS.

Eventually, we'll have it, but for now, I and the other people on my block (maybe 150 families) cannot get FIOS due to greed and apathy.


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I've got Insight Broadband, which is now owned by Time Warner. I pay for 20Mb as I game now and then, download stuff and have a pretty heavy streaming media household with XBox, Netflix and the likes. I notice most of the time when I check speed, I am between 8-12Mb, almost never am I up at the 20 end. Only other option is 5Mb DSL from the phone company, so I guess I'll take what I can get.

Let's see the quality impulse buys!
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Another vote for the "meh" option. Verizon Fios is decent enough, but since they have a monopoly on ISP around here, it is ridonkulously expensive.


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Fios and it's great.


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My Time Warner is fine. It always speed tests what they say I'm paying for, and my service rarely goes out.


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South Florida Comcast. Never lost internet, even after Hurricane Wilma. (Lost cable for one day) 24 mb speed, excellent.


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I would have voted just ok if that had been a choice, the only reason it's amazing is because my company pays for it!


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Mediacom: Awful. Down at least every 72 hours. Then, when I call in they check for blackouts in my area and I never fail to hear, "there are no reported blackouts in your area." So I wait on hold for 30 minutes, only to be told that there is, in fact, a blackout in my area. Again.

El Dano

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AT&T U-Verse. I'd complain more, but it has been more reliable than Comcast (even if the speeds aren't as good). The only problem is that trying to use anything other than the provided wireless router is a nightmare, and the provided wireless router can't broadcast everywhere I want it. That being said, it is still better than trying to call Comcast customer service.


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Verizon = Awesome.


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SumDuud wrote:I've got Insight Broadband, which is now owned by Time Warner. I pay for 20Mb as I game now and then, download stuff and have a pretty heavy streaming media household with XBox, Netflix and the likes. I notice most of the time when I check speed, I am between 8-12Mb, almost never am I up at the 20 end. Only other option is 5Mb DSL from the phone company, so I guess I'll take what I can get.

Hitting a single server for 20mbps would be pretty amazing. I bet you'd get 20mbps from 2+ sites/sources at once though.


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Well, two houses. At one there is FiOS which is closer to amazing than terrible. The only thing is sometimes it randomly goes down (for a minute or so) late at night when I'm in the middle of watching Netflix or something. Buffering is my new hated word. At the other house Time Warner which is alright but probably closer to terrible than amazing because of how many times it's gone down for extended periods. Yet it never goes down when I'm trying to watch Netflix. lol. Pros and cons to everything I guess. Oh, and the speed on both is great, when they're working.


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Don't live where any wired broadband options reach us. Satellite blew. Cellular broadband is only marginally better, but it's what we have. Meh.


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I'm not so impressed with Suddenlink; even though we pay for faster connection speeds what we get is extremely variable and occasionally drops out without warning. Unfortunately, everyone else is eager to provide us with internet until we make it clear that we want internet only (not bundled with TV, phone, etc), then it's suddenly not possible.


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really just average,


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I'm at a university and in my dorm the speeds are amazing. Once at night (when no one was online) I got over 200Mbps up. But I usually have no less 30 up or down. The only down side is no p2p.


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They used to have the worst CS in the industry, but they got better.


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If I could get them to stop throttling my upload, it'd be great!