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Optoma, the Optimal Projector

How many times have you thought to yourself, "Boy I wish this image was bigger?" Well think no longer, friend! BUY!
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hey do you know if it is possible to project agaist a outside wall, so others will be able to see it from a high distance ??


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galb123 wrote:hey do you know if it is possible to project agaist a outside wall, so others will be able to see it from a high distance ??

I live on a cul de sac and we have summer/fall block parties where we watch various sporting events and movies by projecting my Optoma HD20 on our neighbor's Garage door which is flat white in color. It looks awesome and the kids have a blast too.


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For those of your getting the ceiling mount that is listed here, you will need to buy additional screws (10mm M3*3 screws for my HD23) as the ones supplied do not fit. Also, you will need to remove the rubber feet of the projector and screw the mount into their now empty sockets, as it is near impossible to screw the mount into the intended holes without the projected tilting in some way or another. ALSO, when screwing the mount into the ceiling, be sure you drill the holes in a way that the two screws on the side of mount (that holds the rods in place), are parallel to the screen, as they tend to be a little loose and will tilt the mount in a direction, so having it tip forward is easy to fix.

TLDR; just get the mounts made specifically for your model so you don't have to hassle with all of the above.


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Does this come with a new bulb or a refurbished one?


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Man woot, you're trying to tempt me today! I KNEW this was coming. I've been researching the HD33 for months and pretty much decided it is the one I want to replace my fast fading InFocus IN72. I purchased that as a refurb nearly 6 years ago with no problems.

Between the HD33 and the 5.1 Pinnacle set (not to mention the Pioneer receiver from last month) I should get a free Bring Out Cadence thrown in... IF I pull the trigger that is. ;)

HD33 gets some great reviews and ProjectorCentral.com has it as its #3 3D projector, they are usually spot on. Let me get a few more cocktails in me and I'm sure I'll be in for 1 or 5....


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jlai1 wrote:Does this come with a new bulb or a refurbished one?

The bulb as well as the unit itself is tested by our techs so that they perform at optimal levels. Since the bulb has to be on while testing the unit's integrity you will notice some time on the bulb. We have been partnering with Woot for many years now and have yet to encounter a bulb issue with customers who bought a refurb unit(s). You can contact our US based Customer Service Dep't if you do have any issues with your unit: Tel: 888-289-6786 (US and Canada) 7am - 5pm PST


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Well dang. Just received a Dell M410HD projector on Friday. Tried to get the boss to approve the Optoma to no avail.


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I hope that they have a sale on optoma projectors again after I get my tax refund.


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got this and love it except for one (major)problem...the built-in speakers do not mute when you plug in headphones(or any other audio out). Such a design flaw, not sure what to do about it. If I had known I would've gone for the gt750 which of course doesn't have this issue. Video is absolutely stunning though with Xbox running through hdmi