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TIC Outdoor Speakers

That rock. Is it... no! It can't be! Can it? There is no way, right? That that rock is, how do we say this? Rocking? Yes, but that is most certainly what it is doing! That rock is rocking out! But how? Perhaps it's not a rock at all. Perhaps it's some sort of outdoor speaker from TIC.
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Does anyone have experience with these? How do they sound? Do they last in the rain and sun?


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Why buy the double pack? Why not single speaker with receiver and extension speaker?


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domurat wrote:Does anyone have experience with these? How do they sound? Do they last in the rain and sun?

They get pretty bad reviews on Amazon. The wired speakers seem to be pretty good, but these are questionable. I would think you would need the remote control to use them? Otherwise I agree with buying just the extensions, but I'm not going to buy any of them...


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On the Indoor/Outdoor Rock Speaker - Pair - Canyon page,
Wootbot wrote: "These suckers are aerospace grade. In fact, "Stairway to Heaven" was playing when Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon. Bet you didn't know that."

Must be referring to Neil Sedaka's song since the LedZep one was 2 years into the future.

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Here's the link from a past round with these speakers. Including commentary from a Tic Tech:


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wow the 5" extension speaker really dropped in price since the last time they were on here. $70 the last sale. $30 this time.

to the woot staff member that screwed up the back2skool code so I could get a lot of nice things for free - thank you.


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I can vouch for the wired TIC speakers FWIW...I've had them outside for 3+ years in sun, rain, sleet, humidity, cold no problemo. Can't speak for heavy snow though.
I also have a similar receiver/amp. It's OK too, only rear jacks are spaced v closely together.


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How can I get this to work with my iphone? I have called TIC numerous times but am unable to get a call back. Help!


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Mine just came in, I ordered the extension and the "primary". Sound very good. The transmitter is in my basement in my mechanical room with my other AV equipment and they are having no problems. Also ventured outside with one and no problems. Havent ventured to try these with the batteries yet...