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Incipio Cases For Your Insipid Faces

Listen, we don't really think you have an insipid face, OK? It's just that we were trying to come up with something to rhyme with "Incipio Cases" and it just popped out. Don't let our rudeness reflect on these high-quality protective cases and sleeves. They're blameless in this situation. 
Incipio official site


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Feel free to make a case for or against these cases! (See what we did there?)

I'm just hanging out, really.


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I got the le deux Case last time around (brushed aluminum). It killed my phone and wireless reception. Now I use it to keep my kitchen table from wobbling.



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Does this work for the other iPads?


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I think I posted about the CODE case last time they were for sale, but I absolutely love mine. It's a solid built case that has helped my iPhone survive several drops. A kid at a holiday party I attended over the weekend begged me to let him see my phone because as he said "those hexagons are so cool!". I would highly recommend the CODE case in any of its color combinations.


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What model ipad is this case for?


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No love for Android products? Boo.


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ninjapixie wrote:No love for Android products? Boo.

No kidding, there are other devices out there besides ones made by Apple.


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No Silicrylic cases? Weak.


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irradiated How about some Non Apple products


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wonder if my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 would fit in here. It looks like the tablet just rests on the support thingys.