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uNu iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

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When did the woot off start today?


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I got one of the 2400 version on a previous Woot.

Pro: Battery does what it's supposed to do.

Con: Seems like my phone is twice as big and heavy. After a few weeks, the top part of case stopped latching properly, now slides off every time I put it in my pocket. I have tied it in place with some dental floss


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I believe this device bricked my iPhone. Took it to Apple, no water damage found. Phone was ~18 months old, no previous problems. Could it have been something else? Possibly. But I'm pretty sure it was this device.


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I have had no problems with my case. Well, I take that back. The first case I had wouldn't take a charge. I emailed their tech support and they sent me a replacement which has worked just fine for the past 6 months.

I have the black case, yes, its heavier than a regular case but I like the rubber like texture. And it definitely comes in handy to recharge the phone during the day.

I would say definitely worth it.



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No love for 3GS owners.Boo Hoo!


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Hey Woot, will this fit on my 4th gen ipod touch? It's just a bit skinnier than an iphone...


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aylerayler wrote:Hey Woot, will this fit on my 4th gen ipod touch? It's just a bit skinnier than an iphone...

Most likely yes, it will fit, but it won't be snug (will probably shift around easily) since this is designed to match the 4/4S size.

I bought an EnerG4 battery case from a Woot deal recently, and after inspecting this deal here, I realize the two are the exact same product (exact same power button, 4 lights, speaker/charger placement). These are probably generic battery cases, just rebranded. Nonetheless, they fit snugly, feel nice, don't add too much weight, and hold a decent amount of charge for what they're worth ($20 for mine as well, gives a ~65% battery boost).