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Madame Vivitek's Projector House

Let me guess -- you enjoy a projector with many lumens, yes? Or perhaps image quality is your...how to say...preference? Let Madame Vivitek choose the perfect companion for your home-theater viewing pleasure. You shall not be disappointed. 
Vivitek official site


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Compare and contrast, but don't be the last (to buy one).

I'm just hanging out, really.


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You will have a hard time digging this up but the H1086 3D projector needs the Active (shutter type battery powered) glasses using DLP Link. It took me going through like 10 reviews and multiple Vivitek sites to verify this. The Passive polarized glasses you get at the cinema won't work with this system (as I suspected at this price point, lol, but Vivitek seems loathe to mention that).

here is the secret info on the Vivitek site: http://www.vivitek3d.com/features.php You'll note the mysterious model on Woot is not listed even...


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still seems like a great projector deal...hmmm
there's also this pdf 3d guide: