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Glow-In-The-Dark iPhone Cases

Wouldn't it be awesome if your iPhone 5 was visible in the dark? Oh. Right. Well, wouldn't it be cool if the BACK of your iPhone glowed in the dark? Then you would have no trouble finding it when you wake up at 2am in the alley behind McSorley's. 
Slickwraps official site


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These are so awesome when they have a full charge and glow in the dark in front of your friends

this is not a case at all, this does nothing to protect your phone besides maybe a harmless scratch, otherwise, absolutely zero protection.

Just be aware that this is cool, but this isn't a case at all, AKA misleading!


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This is a Wrap/Skin not really a case. One definition of 'case' is; "Surround in a material or substance". I suppose technically speaking it can be called a case, but find that term to be a bit misleading.

That said, I might be in for one of those that appear white in daylight. pretty good price and better yet if you can get a friend to jump on it ans split shipping.


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I feel like getting it to charge while it's in your pocket all day isn't likely.