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Many Species Of Speakers

Is that a Red-Breasted Logitech flitting among the branches? Look! A Double-Crested JBL just lit upon that fencepost. It's speaker migration season, and some of the best speaker-watching opportunities lie before you. 


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Tell us about your favorite speakers, or plans to upgrade!

I'm just hanging out, really.


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JBL OnStage IV Portable Speaker Dock JBLOS4BLKAM

I bought the JBL on Woot, They have fantastic sound quality. They power down when no sound is piping and power on with sound! I like these better than the good Dell desktop speakers I got six years ago. Also you can do work on your Itouch 4G as I have, while while streaming music. This system fits right under my desktop flat screen, Only thing I do not like is the glossy black finish, nothing a light sand paper will not fix, once I get up the nerve! You will also need to supply your own 3.5mm double jack to hook to your computer! Also comes with a small remote that will disappear, get some double sided Velcro, stick to back.


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Where are iHome products made?