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Cam You Dig It?

Six camera brands go lens-to-lens in the flick-off that'll knock your brick off! (That's a phrase we just made up. Start using it with all your friends.) Still, camcorder, HD, action: if you can't find a camera here that's to your liking, you're probably asking way too much out of life. No wonder it's so hard for you to find the right person to settle down with. We assume.

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hey, look! an easyshare!

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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PemberDucky wrote:hey, look! an easyshare!

After doing alot of research I decided to jump on the Z990. I got mine this week and it works great and takes great pics.....Couldn't complain.

Too bad Kodak doesn't make cameras anymore.



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Warriors, come out to play-yay!


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Went to a pro football game last Sunday, seats were nose bleeds; thankfully they were free & I had my Z990! The 30X zoom definitely came in handy & the pics it took are simply AMAZING!!!


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Review for Swann Freestyle 1080p

This camera use to be the "no-brainer" choice for budget conscious buyers because of the great features it includes and the comparable quality between the GoPro Hero and Hero2.

However, since introduction of the GoPro Hero3, the Hero2 prices has dropped to the $200-ish dollar mark and may continue to drop after the Hero3 is released later on next month. For those willing to wait, purchasing a Hero2 would be the better option especially because of the recent firmware update for the Hero2 which gives it the ability to record in Protune mode (35mbit 1080p uncompressed video).


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Samsung 1080P Pocket Camcorder

Over at B&H the model is off their shelf as it is discontinued but they do have 10 reviews you may want to take a look at. Once getting to the page on the link, scroll down for the reviews.


$77.95 at Amazon and also 62 more reviews,


$89.00 + free shipping at buy.com
(also 2 more reviews.


Highest I found was, $119.95 on Ebay and there are 8 more reviews.


So where are we with this gadget? Well, according to most of the reviews, the vast majority of owners like the thing. But before purchasing you really need to take a good look at what it has to offer and what it's limitations are. Small size is certainly a plus and while they claim water proof (2 meters max or approx. 9ft.) I am not so sure I would trust that too much or too many times. However, I do think this thing could probably hang in damp air and rainy conditions than would be the demise of many others. Also, advertised as shock proof, it may just take a fair drop to the ground a few times. On the down side because of "built in battery, once that is gone it is trash can time because it would most likely be cost prohibitive to send back for a new battery. Also, it is not going to be very good in low light, as inside and with digital zoom you loose quality and this is only 3x anyway so virtually, no zoom. It has digital image stabilization which is not all that great but, in a camera at this price point, it is not bad. In short, this is not a replacement for a good hand held video cam. It does have merit, I believe as a back up that can be easily carried in a pocket or purse and therefore can be around virtually all the time and anywhere. As long as you have adequate light, you will be able to get shots you would have otherwise missed. There are more pros and cons but I listed just a few to point out, this is not going to fit the bill a good hand held will be able to. I own the Sony Bloogie for these reasons and frankly if I did not already own that, I would probably bite on one of these. My only decision making then would be, $40 for refurb or about double for brand new. As this would be a back up, I think I would bite on this refurb. In fact, I am still considering it.


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Adxio ADV-J6 1080p HD Digital Camcorder with Built-in Pico Projector

Pricing on the web was not all that easy because web search did not result with many at all. I did find one at $248.99 here,

Also, finding reviews was not very productive either.

This offering on Woot is a good buy compared to the above price. Just my thoughts, on several plains this camera beats today's Samsung offering and is in most ways a better overall camera. But is it 4 times better as the price is 4 times as much? I don't think so, IMHO. At first glance a technological attraction (for me) to this device is the projector. But on closer look it states usable distance, 60". That is not even 6 feet. Further, I am sure even at half that range you better have a total dark room for the camera's light source to be able to give you a viewable image. I can settle for what I always do, just play back on the TV. So yes, superior camera but not 4 times better as it shares many of the limitations of this size handhelds. It may be worth it to some but not to me. I would pass for the refurb Samsung at 1/4 the price.


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Swann SWVID-SPORTL Freestyle 1080p HD Waterproof Wearable Sports Video Camera

At Amazon, $166.00 http://www.amazon.com/Swann-Freestyle-Waterproof-Sports-Camera/dp/B005EROCLC

Here are 23 reviews, http://www.amazon.com/Swann-Freestyle-Waterproof-Sports-Camera/product-reviews/B005EROCLC/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

In most of the above reviews the camera gets some high marks for video quality but several remark the audio is not good at all. Also, one reviewer states CS with the company is non-existent.

Ebay has offerings from $149.95 to $198.99.

You tube look at video quality certainly is not very impressive!

Woot by far has the best price but this camera just does not do it for me. Pass


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link007 wrote:Went to a pro football game last Sunday, seats were nose bleeds; thankfully they were free & I had my Z990! The 30X zoom definitely came in handy & the pics it took are simply AMAZING!!!

It's a great camera. Too bad it sold out that fast. The 30X zoom is amazing for a camera of this price.

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