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Tech.Woot is now Electronics.Woot!

by Sean Adams

We've got two things to say: 1) in the future, you might read this on a device called a "computer," and 2) the future is today!

You may have notieced that we launched Computers.Woot, the eleventh tentacle of the retail octopus known as! (It's an octopus that's been genetically modified a few times.)

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Play Borg of Crap, The Only Game Mentioned In This Blog Post!

by Jason Toon

Looks like fun, huh? It's Borg of Crap, the newest Woot game and the first one ever at Tech.Woot! You're a humble generic robot racing through an electronics warehouse. Run, jump, and swim as fast as you can, while collecting chips and avoiding obstacles to earn cooler-looking robot parts. There's nothing more we can tell you that you wouldn't learn better by playing Borg of Crap itself. So start playing!

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Wednesday, August 01

The Secret of El Arenque Rojo, Chapter 8: Burn Out

by Jason Hinklin-Lauderdale

Every page in the Woot 2012 Calendar includes a QR code that, when scanned after each month begins, takes you to a new chapter in The Secret of El Arenque Rojo. In Chapter 1, video store owner Roy Odom found a box of mysterious VHS tapes. In Chapter 2, he started to notice some odd coincidences and symbols in the movies on the tapes. He sought the help of an unusual film professor in Chapter 3; discovered that the implications were bigger than he'd ever imagined in Chapter 4; and had a disquieting dream before being betrayed by a confederate in Chapter 5. The turncoat had a change of heart in Chapter 6... but learned in Chapter 7 that even considering betrayal has its price. We continue our story now with Chapter 8...

As Drake drove off into the night watching the motel burn in his rearview mirror, he worried that he might be suffering from a lack of imagination.

He’d missed an opportunity with the video store, Drake decided. He could’ve had some fun with that one. No one had been around to see him break in. The place had been empty other than the old unwanted video tapes and a few torn promotional posters. He’d had all the time in the world to rig up something real nice if he’d wanted to, like that “microwave a can of spray-paint in a room full of gas” trick he’d seen in a movie a while back, the kind of thing a guy could walk away from in slow motion as he lit a cigarette just before the blast. That would’ve been neato torpedo...

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