Norton AntiVirus & Online Backup Bundle

by wootbot

Protection You Can Belize In

Antivirus protection that wasn't invented by an accused murderer.

Security experts say you should look for three things in your antivirus software: multiple redundant layers of protection to catch different types of threats; continued proactive monitoring of new types of threats as they develop; and no connection to an international fugitive with "girlfriends" young enough to be his granddaughters.

This Norton Antivirus Bundle offers all three. With its effective protection system and extensive support, you'll never have to lie awake wondering if your sensitive personal data is compromised by viruses, or somehow accessible to an avowed recreational "bath salts" user currently sought by Belizean authorities in connection with an unexplained killing.

You can never be too careful with the computer system that you rely on for so much. That's why this Norton Antivirus Bundle is the clear choice for consumers seeking a security solution not created by a self-styled warlord who was nearly shot in the head by his then-girlfriend inside his heavily armed tropical compound, and who later faked a heart attack to avoid extradition from Guatemala. That's the Norton promise.