JLab Crasher Portable Bluetooth Speaker

by wootbot

Crash The Earbud Party

It's kind of like a giant earbud.

We love selling JLab Earbuds. You might even say we're addicted to selling them. That's why when we heard about this JLab Crasher Portable Bluetooth Speaker, we jumped at it.

But then we found out it wasn't an earbud. Yeah, you heard us correctly. It's just a straight up speaker. A straight up JLab Speaker. Sure, it shares many of the qualities of earbuds, like being able to listen to music on it, but also it's very different.

What makes it different? A lot, actually. For example, it's wireless. There are no wires. Yes, it comes with a USB and AUX cable as well as a power adapter, but it also uses Bluetooth technology so that you can use it wirelessly. A giant wireless earbud? We know. Confusing.

The strangest part, though, was that it's rectangle. When have you met anyone who has a rectangle-shaped ear? How were we supposed to fit this speaker in there? That's when we realized it isn't actually meant to fit in the the ear. Crazy, we know! You can set it up anywhere in the room and then go elsewhere in the room and still hear your music. It's amazing!

While there's a part of us that's sad abandoning our typical earbud music-listening ways, we can't help but admit that this radical new technology is pretty incredible. You should probably pick one of these up and try it for yourself.