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Pixels are basically a currency now, so have more of them.

Take a good, hard look at your life and ask yourself: why are you just making do with a merely adequate number of pixels? Why not PUSH YOUR PIXELS TO THE EDGE?????

When you're taking photos with your phone, sure, whatever. They're only going to Facebook or getting wrecked in an Instagram filter. Even though your grandparents used to value that kind of photo, you know. And you're just throwing it out ironically and laughing. Deee-sgusting.

But for the photos you want to keep? Well, that's different. For those photos, you don't want some .8 MP piece of crap. You want some 20.3MP goliath, maybe even one that boasts a 20/50mm lens and a little thing they call "Wi-Fi" which will let you pop them photos straight to a computer and/or cloud. Yeah, they also call it that out of the office too, but that doesn't make it sound as dramatic.

With this camera, art will pour from you like wine from the clay vessels of the priests of the gods of art in the days of Ancient Greece. People will see your photos and weep at the clarity, then weep again that they didn't buy this camera when it was on sale, then weep a third time at how thirsty they are after all that weeping. And that is when you'll turn, with your Samsung 20.3MP Digital Camera, and snap the shot that might win you a Pulitzer Prize. A shot you'll call "Weeping Jerkface Standing Before The Raw Power Of Art As Revealed By Me."

Try that with an iPhone and you'll just be some hipster. But with a real camera? You're an Ar-TEEEST!

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Samsung 20.3MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera

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Samsung 20.3MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera
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