Wrist Detector and 7 other essential apps for your smartwatch.

Wrist Detector: Alerts you with high-pitched screeching when there is a wrist within 5 miles of your watch

ComparePulse: Takes your pulse and compares it to the pulse of your least favorite celebrities

Big Lit: Downloads the world's greatest works of literature and displays their entire text on your watch screen in one jpg

Hot: Heats up your smartwatch until it bursts into flames

Cold: Heats up your smartwatch until it bursts into flames while displaying the word "COLD"

Times: Displays a random time which may or may not be the current time

Penguin Facts: Floods your watch with the most obscure facts about penguins while deleting all your data to make room for more facts

Battery Charge: Flashes the words "BATTERY CHARGE" on your watch in 27 rotating colors which drains your battery in 12 seconds

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