10 Great Songs To Play Through Your Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker While Eating A Burrito Slowly

1.) "Ooooooh" by The Ahhhhhhs

2.) "My Saxophone Wants To Talk Dirty To Your Sister" by Rev. Bill Plunge

3.) "Your Eyes Are Delicious" by Cannibal U2

4.) "Our Love Is Pretty Rad" by a horse

5.) "Stormy Whether, Do You Get It Hahahaha" by The Unsatisfied Jessicas

6.) "I Kissed A Brick" by Saliva Fantasy

7.) "Dese Nuts" by The Yummy Bros. Nut Company, LLP

8.) "Carpe My Buns" by The Yummy Bros. Bread Company, LLP

9.) "Suck On This" by The Yummy Bros. Lollipop Company, LLP

10.) "Accidentally Sexy" also by a horse

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