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Plug in your VIZIO Sound Stand so you can fully experience the face-melting sounds of these action movies, sorry about your face.

Massive Robots Vs. Massive Seahorses
Never before has a movie stuffed so much CGI into your eyeballs well before the credits even begin. You won’t be able to discern reality from the 100-story high things punching each other because the movie is actually able to emit high doses of psychotropic drugs in cloud form through the screen. “WHAT’S REAL?” you’ll shout at the movie while mecha-arms grapple with gargantuan fish snouts at decibel levels so dangerously loud you’ll shout “WHAT’S REAL?” because you didn’t hear yourself the first time. Don’t worry about the plot, there isn’t one, just let the drugs do their thing. 

Explosions The Musical
Don’t let the title fool you, there’s no music, unless you count explosions as music, which of course you do. From the opening number in which a bunch of cheerleaders blow up a mountain to the staggeringly bass-heavy finale in which a gaggle of obscenely shaped spaceships blow up the sun, Explosions The Musical will have you singing along despite the absence of any songs. 

Captain Insanity
Drake Burgertown is the secret identity of one Captain Insanity, a superhero so loud his very voice renders everyone within a 100-mile radius completely deaf. Other than that, his superpowers are unimpressive: he can jump 7 feet, see through solid windows, and eat a whole bulk box of ramen without throwing up. But boy is he loud, which usually does the trick. When he threatens the criminals face to face it makes their heads explode, much to the surprise of Captain Insanity who apparently is unaware of his loudness. But man, his costume, which is just a pair of wristbands with the letters ‘CI’ on them, could use a redesign.

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