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Movies are the perfect thing to show on your BenQ projector. Non-movies are not as perfect. Here are some movie recommendations:

Starface (192 min) -- The tragic tale of a teenager whose face acne blows up like a celestial event is perhaps not the best choice for 3D, but it stars legendary Shakespearean actor Sir Clarence Deadlowph as the acne, so expect some gorgeous soliloquy while your screen is filled with flying pus. Rated G.

Même Aime Pas N'a Pas Aimé (Even Love Hasn't Loved) (360 min) -- The French NewNeuNeo Wave movement is going strong with this entry from acclaimed director Smeubre, who is a dog. Most of the film is a still shot of a bowl of water, but critics have been hailing this minimalist masterpiece as "a minimalist masterpiece". Soundtrack by a malfunctioning catapult.

Hands Out, Feet Dancing, Face Frowning (31 min) -- High school is tough for Jim, Janet, Spob, and King Juggernaut III, but when they start the school's first dance team, everything turns around. Because the school is on a giant turntable. High school remains tough and the dance team breaks up. Uh, SPOILER. Anyway, produced by the actual Santa Claus.

Fast Cars and Also Others Cars (79 min) -- Do you like FAST? How about FASTING? This documentary about people FASTING in their cars to protest the cruel treatment of cars will make you log onto the internet REAL FAST to write a petition to the government but you'll get lost on youtube PRETTY FAST and watch skateboarding accident videos until 3am again. Subtitled in Hebrew but dubbed in boat crash sounds.

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