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There are people alive today who consider this a small TV. For real.

If you were born in 1950, you grew up with a TV the size of your laptop screen. If you were born in 1970, you probably had a TV the size of a monitor. If you were born in 1990, you probably saw a TV this size at the local pizza joint. But If you were born in 2000 or later, you probably think this TV is basically of average size.

We say this not to make people feel old, but to point out how time and technology change everything. That cool, old, four foot tall radio is now replaced by an app that downloads podcasts into your phone. That giant oven with room for a turkey is replaced by a teeny box that cooks food from the inside out. And where does that room go? Why, it transfers over to the television, of course!

So quit stalling. One day the 48" HDTV is going to be the "I used to watch PBS on an old black and white TV using a coat hanger as an antenna." Enjoy it now, while it's still cutting edge.

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