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Echo stands for Entensely Charismatic Helpful Object. Also, the acronym team can't spell very well. Don't tell them, it'll break their heart.

Once upon a time there was a powerful magician. Oh, this magician could do anything. All this magician had to do was yell out a thing and it would happen. Listen to music? All it took was a word. Hear an audio book? All it took was two words, depending on if you think "audio book" is two words or not. Order a pizza? Well, there were no pizzas in the time of this magician (because in the age of magic everyone thought tomatoes were poison) but it was possible for the magician to summon up a barley stew. Anything the magician could thing of, the magician could do. And with nothing but words.

Sadly, the magician now will never escape the enchanted prison under Seattle. But the Amazon Echo taps into the magician's power each and every day, giving you the power the magician once had! That's right! Listen to music, control your lights, order a pizza, do anything the magician could do and more!

The magic word? Why, it's the magician's name, of course! You'll find it written in the instructions. READ THEM... IF YOU DARE!!!!!

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Amazon Echo
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