With Onkyo with Control Talk you can take calls while on your headphones. So here's a phone based playlist to blast into your ears.

"May The Phonce Be With You"
by Drunk Surgeon

"You Answer Only On The Fourth Ring And That's Weird"
by Sharnice Applesnicker And Her Screaming Crotches

"Butt Dialin' Other Butts"
by The Sanford Winnipeg Blues Engine & Late-Nite Eatery.com

"555-0192 (Is A Fake Number (You Lied To Me))"
by Starfire Rainbow Mistake

"Sext Me Your Tax Info"
by Rage Against The ATM Machine

"Dial Toned Abs"
by Venus Nightshell Surprise

"Sexual Area Code"
by Norman Butters, DDS

"May I Borrow Your Phone And Underwear"
by Depressing Office Solutions, Inc.

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Onkyo In-Ear Headphones with Control Talk

Onkyo In-Ear Headphones with Control Talk
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