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"Alright, cow-pokes! Listen up and listen good."

The grizzled old cowboy dismounts from his place on the split-rail fence.

"Iffn' yall plan to make it out here as an ear rancher, wull by golly, you've gotta have yersseff a strong back and an iron con-stit-too-shun."

He gestures out over a large, enclosed pen, filled with a variety of ears, galloping and frolicking in the noonday sun.

"Nothin' tests a rancher's resolve quite like roping a wild ear. Pick up yer lariats!!"

The three young, would-be ranchers pick up their Klipsch X5 Headphones and hold them at the ready.

"Tall fella, yer up!"

The first young man swings the headphone in the air, loosing it towards a spry-looking ear. The headphone lands square in the ear's canal. The ear bucks for a second, surprised, then stops, soothed by the clear highs and resonant lows of the music.

"Nice ropin', son!" cries the old cowboy.

The second youngster steps up and with a spin and flick of the wrist, lands her Klipsch in the canal of a hip-looking ear with an industrial piercing and a tragus ring.

"Hoo-ee! Well done, greenhorn!"

The third contender swings his lasso and looses it towards a beautiful palomino ear. It sticks in the canal, but the palomino bucks it out. The young man hurls the headphone a second time. Again he catches his quarry, and again, it bucks and shakes furiously until the line falls to the ground.

"Wait just a goll durn ..." The old cowboy picks up the headphone. "Wull no wonder she's shakin the line!" he cries. He moseys over to the third roper. "'OK Go?' Yer a looong way from Cali-for-nee, pardner."

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