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Use your Simple.TV to watch these new shows:

Two And A Half Half-Men -- When it comes down to it, this show is about one and a quarter men slow dancing in slow motion with a slow loris for two and a half hours.

Sailboat Violence -- Voted the Most Sailboat Show by Sailboat Bi-Weekly magazine, this show takes you into the supremely violent world of tricked out sailboats and the outcast sailboaters who sail a daring 25 meters from the dock before wanting to come back.

Squares -- The experiences of 127 barely discernable squares on a two-dimensional plane is the second most riveting show you'll see this year about barely discernable squares, right after...

Barely Discernable Squares -- Very much like Squares but this show managed to snag the red square from that one Mondrian piece as the narrator.

Love Is Love And Love -- Follow Wally Love, Panther Love, and Quagmire Spittington "Love" Jiqdome through their weekly jungle adventure in search of the perfect rainbow. WARNING: contains buckets of death. 

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