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Two pioneers walk into a speaker bar. The third pioneer is a wireless subwoofer. This is a terrible joke.


Two pioneers walk into a speaker bar. The bartender says, "Hey, we don't serve. You're kind." The two pioneers thank the bartender and don't have anything to drink or eat.

Two pioneers walk into a bar. The horse says, "Why the long face?" There is no answer. The juke box begins playing.

Two lioneers walk into a bar. The lion bartender says, "What'll you have?" The lioneers both reply, "Coconut water." They compare manes.

Two lions walk into a bar. The third one is a duck. The duck walks into the bar. There are two unconscious lions and one unconscious duck on the street. Someone take my picture with them.

A duck walks into a speaker bar. Everyone in the bar is speaking. The duck soon leaves and sits under a tree next to a quiet pond to read. 

A subwoofer walks into a bar. That's a dog in a submarine. So to clarify, a dog in a submarine walks into a bar. The bar is destroyed.

Two subwoofers walk into a submarine bar for dogs. The bartender is a duck in a submarine. A subquacker.

Two ducks walk into a submarine with speakers. It's super loud in there. They order drinks. The submarine only has kombucha. Whaddya gonna do.

Five submarines walk into an open ocean. The submarines have legs. This is basically PACIFIC RIM.

A person walks into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender gives the person the requested beverage. The person drinks the beverage. Buy Pioneer. 


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Pioneer Andrew Jones Bluetooth Speaker Bar Sys

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