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Lock those Motorola buds into your earholes and drift into cosmic serenity with this divine playlist made by stoned angels

"The Universe (Is Very Very Very (Very))"
by Rev. Staunch McSlabbish

​"It Makes Sense Now But I Have Questions"
by Blood Red Pancake Haus

​"Karen Where Is It"
by 4 Janes & a Doug

"Stars Pretty Bright Stars Space"
by JoohooLung Post Capital

"Infinite Pie Shoppe"
by Cylia Moon Taco

"Philosophy Of Dirt"
by Enormous Cow Big

"Let's Look At The Sun"
by Glennn Fischer-Drone & The Fischer-Drone Party Supply Employee Picnic

"Tomorrow Is Another Yesterday"
by Pork Standards Financial Report

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Motorola Buds Bluetooth Headset 2 Pack
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