You think you're secure... but ANYTHING could be sneaking up on you!

You think you took care of everything. You think you've locked all the doors, closed all the windows, taped all the closets shut and looked under all the beds. But the moment your back is turned, THAT'S when it'll hit you: you forgot to look under the dresser. And sure enough, that's the night the dresser goblins will make their move. And you'll be devoured faster than a guy from the before-the-credits scene in an 80's horror movie.

Buuuuut with a wi-fi camera that can see in the dark? Why, you'll know those dresser goblins have moved in before they even finish encamping! And you can hire a goblin exterminator who'll probably take care of the nightstand bats too! Your bedroom will be safe, you'll be carefree, and you'll possibly get to level up from all the experience you'll gain

If we remember right, dresser goblins are only 1d3, though. So you better hope there are a lot of them.

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Belkin NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Camera - 2pk
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