Here are some new shows you can watch on your VIZIO Smart TV:

Stuck in the End of the Middle Beginning -- Becoming a young adult is rough for Gadgette Majick, a socially awkward clown apprentice with a wooden back and a glass leg full of spiders. With the help of her best friend Jess, a tree, she'll navigate the choppy waters of high school. Her school is out at sea. From the producers of Blood Snake Shoes 7.

Rainbow Flower -- The hunt is on for the legendary Rainbow Flower, said to have magical properties such as "a pleasing aroma" and "a time traveling stamen that also de-waxes your ears at a reasonable price". But with every dirtbag mercenary in the land of Qweebmeeepzse trying to find the flower, will our hero Chad the Four-Legged Virgin reach the prize before he's turned into a regular two-legged virgin via someone chopping his legs off? This is a real question.

Who Killed Mike Driffiths? -- We hope you like crying because you will do so much of that watching this. From the pilot episode, in which Mike's ex-wife Nancii has to overcome both a painful fear of stairs and scurvy in order to sign their divorce papers, to the harrowing penultimate episode in which the homicide detective on Mike's case realizes he's just a table lamp, WKMD? will keep your eyes super moist with endless and unrelated footage of baby animals in captivity.

Parents -- Reality TV will never be the same again, or maybe it will be exactly the same. Judge for yourself as Parents explores the secret lives of parents who have kids. It will SHOCK you to see parents going through their daily lives caring for their kids. Newsweep calls it "A SHOCKING portrayal of parents who have kids", and the New York Tims all agree "Parents is about parents and they have kids and we are all named Tim." The SHOCKING spin-off, Kids, about kids who have parents, has been super duper canceled.

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