Today's Woot Write-up

Is 'portable' the new 'internet'? Is 'bluetooth' made of 'teeth'? What are these things? Call me. *click*

7:39 AM 

Are you seeing this? It's a speaker but it has blue teeth. But it's portable. I don't know. Call me. *click*

8:02 AM

I tried to turn it on but it just started beeping. Or maybe that was the doorbell. Oh, someone's here. *click*

8:03 AM

No one was at the door. *click*

8:16 AM

Honey, why is it called 'bluetooth'? Is this like youtube? Do I have to make a login or can I just start it? Also, do you have your father's cell number? *click*

8:34 AM

Oh, it's a speaker! Then why does it have teeth? I just don't understand. OK, call me. I'm going to make Cookie some breakfast. She's been barking all morning. *click*

10:13 AM

I've been on the phone all morning with Cindy, she helped me get the blueteeth working. Elton John sounds so good on it! I put it in the cupboard and forgot it but I just, y'know, followed the sound! And I found it! Haha! Wish I could do the same with my keys! Hahahaha! Or your father! Hahaha. Dinner's at 5:30. *click*

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