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Five very important sound-related facts:

1) Ovid once referred to ears as "the symmetrical noses that can sniff/The harp's sweet aural roses' whiff."

2) The brain absorbs 10% of all sound heard from sources exterior to the ear (via speakers, soundbars, speech, etc.) and 88% of all sound channeled directly into the ear (via headphones, ear buds, etc). These sounds can be inadvertently released during brain surgery, which is why the fourth year of medical school for brain surgeons is focused entirely on curbing one's impulse to dance.

3) Concert pianist call whole notes "eggies," half-notes "white kicks," quarter notes "dress shoes," and two joined eight notes "a whole pants."

4) The Noise Collective is a community in a remote area of the Idaho panhandle. Often referred to as a cult, Noisies believe that all sound is music. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find their entire population gathered in the local Concert Chapel, gyrating rhythmically while on the stage a washing machine cleans a load of laundry.

5) In the early 1960s, Kerr County in Texas experimented with variable speed-limits depending on the time signature of the song one was listening to while driving. This resulted in a new musical genre called Extreme Speedrock, as local bands tried to capitalize on the new law by releasing albums of only the absolutely fastest music they could manage to play.

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