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Life is too real. Let's get outta here.

Here, put on this Samsung VR Headset. No, HEADset. For your HEAD. There you go. Wait. Turn it around. Good, you got it. Ok now, we can go anywhere in the virtual world, where do you wanna go? The bathroom? Why? Well then go to the bathroom and come back and then we'll do the VR thing.

[3 hours later]

Holy crap, what took you so long? You went to the grocery store? Why didn't you tell...ok it doesn't matter. Put on your VR headset and let's do some VRing. NO, PUT IT ON YOUR HEAD. Arg. Alright. Where do you wanna go? What, why the grocery store? You were just there in real life, why do you wanna go back? You left your wallet there? Well, go get it! No, not in the VR world, IN REAL LIFE. GO.

[2 hours later]

Did you find your wallet? NO? Wait, what...IT'S RIGHT IN YOUR POCKET, DOOFUS. Fine. Ugh. Fine. Put on your VR—where are you going now? Why are you going back to the grocery store? WELL WHY DIDN'T YOU BUY ANY FOOD THE FIRST TIME YOU WERE THERE? Forget it, I'm going VRing by myself. Bye. 

[puts on VR headset] 

Wow, virtual reality! So amazing! So.........are you still here? Are you just standing next to me?

[takes off VR headset]

You're creeping me out. C'mon, just put on a VR headset. 

[both put on VR headsets]

OK! We're finally here! Where should we......*sigh*......oh look, a virtual grocery store.

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