Today's Woot Write-up

Oregon has its own science. OR-Sci. 

Here at OR-Sci labs, we have our own version of the Scientific Method. I will show it to you via the footage I caught on my ATC Chameleon Action Cam:

  1. shot of the word "SCIENCE"
  2. close-up of the middle 'E'
  3. shot of broken test tubes
  4. shot of dog in a track suit
  5. slow pan across a public bathroom
  6. diagram of a lawnmower
  7. close-up of a mouth drinking milk
  8. shot of hazmat suit filled with jello
  9. ​blurry moving shot of shark at a kegger
  10. very artful shot of taco

Ok, that wasn't the footage. Anyway, visit Oregon. We have cool stuff. Like self-service gas stations.

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Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon Dual-Lens Action Cam

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