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I've already filled up seven Seagate Lyve Home 2TB Photo & Video Managers with videos of me eating golf clubs.

Oh sure, I admit it's weird to have a taste for golf clubs, but you know what they say: "You don't get to choose what weird thing you eat, you just gotta eat it." Yes, I'm sure that's the exact quote, I know my Shakespeare. Anyway, I started filming myself eating gold clubs a few years ago and now, thanks to Seagate, I have those years of club consumption documented. I'm aware that most people will use their Seagate to preserve photos or videos of babies and kittens and what-not, but that's just not my thing. And it's ok that it's not my thing. Some people go to concerts. Some people paint pictures. Some people herd goats. Me? I eat golf clubs. And my Seagates are proof. 

[2 days later]

Hello, tech support? I accidentally ate all my Seagates. 

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