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Catch these new shows on your VIZIO Smart TV before they are caught by someone else who isn't a good catcher and you lose the game

Good Cop Good Cop -- What happens when the nicest cops on the planet...well, what happens with them? Good Cop Good Cop follows the Smiling Valley Police Department's finest as they issue polite jaywalking warnings, help old ladies cross the street, raise funds for Smiling Valley Elementary School's annual bake sale, and investigate a series of grizzly murders when a number of the townsfolk are found ripped in half. Turns out Smiling Valley isn't just a clever name, the valley is a giant mouth that eats people. PS: That last bit of info was a *SPOILER* so please go back in time and don't read it.

Jump Rope -- A sentient length of rope named Doug wants to compete in the World Jump Competition, but Doug's family and friends discourage him from making the jump to world class athlete. Still, Doug doesn't give up, and after an endless barrage of training montages set to free jazz, Doug gets picked up by a dock worker who ties him to a mooring where he sits for the end of his life. Written by the New York Jets.

Love Is Such A You Know Yeah I Hate It -- Who hasn't had to deal with the follies of love? Besides you, Tess, put your hand down. LISAYKYIHI follows the day to day lives of 3,491 New Yorkers as they fall in love, fall out of love, fall down open manholes, and try in vain to sew sequins onto their shoes WHY IS THIS SO HARD, SEQUINS SHOULD BE EASY, WHY WHY WHY? Put your hand down, Tess.

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