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Thanks to the Slingbox you can watch these shows anywhere! At the beach! At another beach! In front of a photo of the beach! In court! Etc.

Drastic Measures
Who doesn't love a good kitchen drama? Besides Harold. Sit down, Harold. Follow the exploits of master chef Susan Drastic as she struggles to use measuring cups, which have haunted her since age 5 when the ghost of a broken measuring cup tried to convince her to build a dirigible and fly it into the sun. From the producers who brought you soup when you were sick, you owe them now.

​Everybody Loves Choktarrr
Maybe not everybody, since Choktarrr is an ancient demon who mercilessly plunges the world into darkness every 300 years. But in between turning rivers to blood and engulfing the sky with jumbo size exploding bats, Choktarrr still finds time to help out his children with their homework and clean the kitchen after dinner. Soundtrack by 100 violins in a dishwashing machine.

​You Can't Spell 'Spell' Without 'Spell'
The world's worst spellers try to build a raft using only the power of spelling. The results are hilarious up until the floodwaters rise too high and destroy their crops. Oh, they live on an island with no food by choice due to a misspelling misunderstanding. It makes sense when you watch the show. Actually, it doesn't. You know what, don't watch this show. Directed by a scarecrow on fire.

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Slingbox 350

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