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Do you want to subsidize someone's attempt to be the king of cool? Or do you just want a phone you can use?

Remember when you were in school, and there was that one cool kid? And that cool kid had the best suits, and the best belts, and saw all the best movies, and went to all the best parties, and everyone else was like "How does that cool kid DO all that?" And, of course, the answer was always the same. "Because that cool kid is rich."

We bring this up because right now, in the world of phones, there is also a cool kid. A cool kid sitting on like 200 billion in cash stuffed somewhere under Ireland. And that cool kid occasionally comes out to tell you about how wrong you are for wanting a phone and how very much you'd prefer a watch or a smart bandanna or some kind of shoe that also is a plane. And then everybody else says "Look at what the cool kid's doing!" and throws their lives away to chase after him and make sure he gets even richer, and even cooler, and even more in charge.

So let's put it all out there. Are you cool? Or are you leeching off of some rich kid's cool? And more to the point, do you really need a shoe-plane-phone that makes a rich kid richer and by default more cool? Or is a simple Verizon HTC Smartphone going to do the job and let you keep some cool for yourself?

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HTC One M8 32GB Verizon Unlocked
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