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Watch these shows on your Samsung Smart TV before a solar flare knocks out the world's power and we all have to go outside.

Trouble in Cheeseburgertown
Detective Jargon "Dog" Trachea-Yardsale works vice in the grittiest part of Cheeseburgertown, a city renown for its homicides, scandals, and delightful puffy cheeseburgers. Amidst the violence and corruption, Jargon still finds time to front his impressionist black metal jazz band, Good Morgue'ning, of which he is the sole member. The highlight is a mid-season two-parter in which Cheeseburgertown is demolished by a milkshake tsunami and Good Morgue'ning goes on tour opening for a boy band with vomiting syndrome.

The Last Quaff Caster
The fantastical kingdom of Heynicebutt is in peril and only a young wizard's apprentice, the clumsy but charming Sterwa Puddingtype, can save it. Heynicebutt's ruler, King Roth Ira, wears a hairpiece that accelerates the aging process but looks so damn suave. But with no heir, the vain king will not listen to his 67 advisors, probably because they're all turtles. Luckily, Sterwa is a Quaff Caster in training, the only kind of wizard that can conjure a groovy head of hair without accidentally setting it on fire. Will Sterwa learn the skills necessary to save the king's hair and therefore Heynicebutt? Nope, she fails.

The OR Is Where The Heart Is
The banner upon entering the Charles P. Fartstaple Memorial Hospital reads "We Won't, We Won't Botch You(r operation)", which sets the tone for this family drama. Follow the medical exploits of Doctors Crumpet, Trumpet, Strumpet, Strumpette, and Sushi-Malfunction as they save lives, lose lives, and re-animate the dead from the comfort of the hospital jacuzzi. With a soundtrack by England's electro-pop duo Toilet Parade that drowns out every bit of dialogue, this show is sure to be canceled or not.

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