We really need to explain ourselves.

Okay, just to clarify, these aren't 50 cent headphones. Like they don't cost only 50 cents. They cost whatever the price says. So, just to repeat: these aren't 50 cent head phones.

Okay, but just to double clarify, these are 50 Cent headphones. Like, they are associated with 50 Cent the rapper. So, again: these are 50 Cent headphones.

Okay, but now I feel like I'm sending the wrong message. These headphones aren't 50 cents. They cost a lot more than that. Not that they're expensive for what you get. They're just not 50 cent headphones.

Okay, but seriously, they are 50 Cent headphones. Like the rapper, 50 Cent, who did "In Da Club," does put his name on these things. Like, if you look at the label it does say 50 Cent. So, they are technically 50 Cent headphones.

But wait, like, they aren't 50 cent headphones! The price is not half of a dollar. It's more than that. So if you buy these and then see that the price at checkout is higher than $0.50, don't blame me, because I'm here to tell you that these are decidedly not 50 cent headphones.

But hold up, they ARE 50 Cent headphones. You know 50 Cent, the huge-deal recording artist who made a cameo in the new Melissa McCarthy movie Spy? These headphones are designed by him, so that means they ARE 50 Cent headphones.

Gosh, I feel like I'm still not making myself clear here. But now I've worked up quite an appetite. I could sure use a snack. Like some M&Ms. No, not Eminem. M&Ms.

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STREET by 50 Cent Wired On-Ear Headphones

STREET by 50 Cent Wired On-Ear Headphones
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