Today's Woot Write-up

Just ask Garmin...

Garmin, how do I get to the thing?

"Turn LEFT at the intersection, drive 1.6 miles, the destination is on your RIGHT."

Ok, what about once I get into the building?

"Walk into the main entrance, go to the 5th floor, turn LEFT, walk 15 feet, the destination is on your LEFT."

Great. What should I wear?

"Wear the SILVER pants with the silk blouse, POWDER BLUE scarf, and the BLACK boots."

One more question. Why is Chad such a jerk?

"It's COMPLICATED. He's been deeply DAMAGED by a childhood fear of SPREADSHEETS."

Ok, I'll try to be a good person. 

"You are a good PERSON."

Thanks, Garmin.

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Garmin 5" GPS with Lifetime Maps & Traffic

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Garmin 5" GPS with Lifetime Maps & Traffic
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