Today's Woot Write-up

[Scene: Subject A and Subject B wait at a tree]

SUBJECT A: Can I stop juggling yet?

SUBJECT B: Not until Everio gets here to film it.

SUBJECT A: But we've been waiting for 3,600 hours.

SUBJECT B: Yes, it has been 3,600 hours.

One hour later

SUBJECT B: No wait, it's only been an hour and 3 minutes.

SUBJECT A: Is Everio here yet?


SUBJECT A: What's this tree all about?

SUBJECT B: I don't know. It says 'JVC' on it.

30 minutes later

SUBJECT B: No wait, this isn't a tree, it's a sign. We're at the JVC corporate headquarters.

SUBJECT A: Does that mean Everio will be here soon?


SUBJECT A: Can I stop juggling now?


They wait forever. Foreverio. Zing.

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