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Movies! They're so great! Here's a list of movies you should watch on your BenQ home theater projector! Smiles!

Vampires Vs. Umpires (109 min) -- Do you like horror sports movies with a positive message? Dubbed in French but subtitled in Korean, this beautiful story about a ragtag group of umpires who accidentally conjure the wrath of ancient vampires only to discover they're *SPOILER* perfect for each other romantically. Also *SPOILER* everyone dies at the end.

Gathering Heather (22 min) -- A hardcore drama about a woman named Heather who explodes and the close friends who clean up her remains, ironically bonding in the process. Their surprisingly quick clean up of the messy affair leaves room for several sequels where the friends clean up other messes caused by exploding people. Soundtrack by Bruce Willis.

Chalkboard: The Untold Story (279 min) -- Have you ever stared at a chalkboard and simply wondered where it came from? This tell-all documentary from the director of Asphalt: The Untold Story is reallllllllllllllllly lonnnnnnnnnnng and contains commercials for Ned's Impossible Pizza, so there's no mistaking where the money came from. 

Just For Lafts (88 min) -- The Laft family finds themselves at the center of a strange audition in which they must solve a series of wacky clues in time before a mysterious clown pratfalls himself to death. What is their connection to the clown? Why would they care about him at all? Why do the closing credits roll after 3 minutes into the film? Why is all this plot simply written in text in the first 2 minutes? Why is the remaining 85 minutes a long ad for Ned's Impossible Pizza? Questions.

The Pain Chair (201 min) -- The heartwarming story of a chair that holds the collective pain of everyone who sits in it is told through obscure hand gestures captured in brilliant 180mm celluloid. You'll cry just putting the disc in the player. You'll laugh turning the power on the TV. You'll lash out in anger two days later while making spaghetti. You'll turn into a butterfly after two weeks in a cocoon.

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