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Are you rugged enough for the nabi Look HD Rugged Camcorder? This is a question that has plagued you-kind for zeros of years.

Welcome to your first Rugged meeting. If you're looking for the Smooth room, get out of here, Smoothie. Ok, everyone take out your rugged notebooks for share time. Doug, you want to go first?

DOUG: Why do I always go first?

Because you've got the most rugged jaw.

DOUG: I thought Ruggedjaw had the most rugged jaw.

RUGGEDJAW: Well, mine's more jagged.

No, Doug. You. Go.

DOUG: Fine. *ahem* "Yesterday I was taking some video with my nabi Look HD Rugged Action Camcorder and I realized I never really knew my father. Ever since then—"

Sorry Doug, but I have to interrupt you. There's a rugged car in the parking lot with its rugged lights on. License plate is 'RUGGED1'. Anyone?

RUGGEDJAW: Does it have a rugged bobblehead on the dash?

No, the dash has been ripped out and replaced with a nabi Look HD Rugged 1080p Action Camcorder.

RUGGEDJAW: Yeah that's mine.

Ok. Doug, back to you.

DOUG: Forget it, I'm going to the Smooth room.

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