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Wear these

  • when you go skiing down the slopes
  • when you go skiing up the escalator
  • when you go skiing through a wall of bread
  • on the bus
  • on the bus going off a cliff
  • while saving passengers in the bus
  • when posing for your news photo for saving the bus passengers
  • when you wake up after the bus dream again
  • while on trial for trying to make the bus incident happen in real life
  • at the doctor's office
  • at the marriage counselor's office
  • at an empty office in an abandoned building
  • while crawling out of the rubble following the demolition of the abandoned building
  • while posing for your news photo for surviving a building demolition
  • when you wake up after the building demolition dream again
  • at the psychiatrist's office to analyze your recurring bus and building dreams
  • while eating soup

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